Olade - Latin American Energy Organization

The Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) is an intergovernmental public body of cooperation, coordination and technical advisory, established on November 2, 1973 by signing the Lima Agreement, ratified by 27 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the fundamental objective of promoting the integration, conservation, rational use, commercialization and defense of the region’s energy resources.

Governance Bodies

Meeting of Ministers

It is the highest authority in the hierarchical structure of the Organization. Its main functions include: the formulation of institutional policy and the approval of work plans, budgets, activity reports, balance sheets and financial statements. It is made up of the Ministers of Energy, Secretaries of State, or whoever takes their place in each Member Country. As a governance body, it has the permanent capacity for the exercise of its powers, maintaining its composition and authority even outside its sessions. It meets ordinarily once a year, and extraordinarily when required in accordance with the provisions of the Organization’s internal regulations. The Lima Agreement includes among its powers: recommending policy alternatives to overcome disadvantageous situations that affect the Member States; examine and evaluate the results of the activities of the Permanent Secretariat; set the contributions of the Member States; approve and modify the Internal Regulations; appoint and remove the Executive Secretary; and to know, approve or deny the entry of new Members as well as the incorporation of Permanent Observers and Non-Full Members in to OLADE.
It exercises its authority by approving guidelines and mandates contained in Ministerial Decisions, which are executed by the Permanent Secretariat with the support and advise of the Council of Experts.

Council of Experts

It is the advisory body in charge of providing technical support and assistance to the Meeting of Ministers and the Permanent Secretariat, in all matters related to the fulfillment of the objectives and functions of the Organization, in correspondence with the requests and needs of the Member States. . It acts as a preparatory commission for the Meeting of Ministers and is in charge of carrying out studies and implementing activities entrusted to it by the highest governing body of OLADE. It is made up of Delegates appointed by the Member States. It meets regularly twice a year, and extraordinarily according to the causes set forth in OLADE’s internal regulations.