Trainings part of the ETRELA project for Latin America and the Caribbean begin

As part of the project “Improving, increasing and facilitating access to education and training in renewable energy in Latin America-ETRELA”, the Latin American Energy Organization has developed a high-quality modular training plan, aimed at the energy community of the region.


The program is made up of curricula that starts with a basic training to raise awareness of the issues, continue with a more advanced module with the use of tools aimed at energy statistics, sector indicators, models and prospective studies; and end with a webinar cycle aimed at decision makers.


Start of training


The trainings that will be developed as part of the project -ETRELA- are freely accessible, have no cost for the Olade Member Countries and begin in March of this year with the Electricity Curricula.


List of trainings for 2020

In the following link you can know the list of trainings that will be coordinated by the Latin American Energy Organization for the current year: