1 Apr 2017 Ecuador

"OLADE and the IDB have a long-joint efforts trajectory," said Morgan Doyle, IDB representative yesterday, March 22, during his speech at the meeting that took place at OLADE. The event aimed to enter into a Technical Agreement between the two agencies.
The Agreement is to develop the regional project for Strengthening Energy Information Management for Sustainable Development in LAC under the Regional Public Goods Initiative of the IDB.
OLADE's information systems, which is a relevant fact as to the quantity and quality of energy data provided to the community linked to the sector, was disclosed for public access. It is for this reason that Morgan Doyle ratified that this System is a "Public Good" and hence, it has the support of the IDB.
The information to be added to the system corresponds to the dimensions of gender and energy equity; energy and climate change; energy efficiency; access to energy and participation of renewable energies in a reliable and complete way for its timely dissemination.
For these purposes, 11 countries in the region have been supported by the appointment of technical professionals for a period of three years. This contribution will support the infrastructure diagnostic activities, LAC capabilities and information to have standardized methodologies and data collection forms on Sustainable Energy Development for Information Management in the LAC region. Furthermore, works will be performed according to the expansion and improvement of the Energy Information System, which will include the review, standardization, and validation of existing statistical data, compatibility of regional energy chain, gender and energy, energy efficiency, climate change, renewable energy, utilities and energy access. Additionally, it contemplates the training for the information generators and System's administrators; and the implementation of public access to energy information. This project will also be supported by entities such as CIER, ECLAC, IEA.

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